September 29, 2017

Many people wish they effortlessly had a sculpted body resembling the Greek gods, sadly this isn't the case for anyone. While some A list celebrities come pretty close to god like their bodies come at a price. A body like The Rock or Chris Hemsworth takes a lot of persistent fitness routines and over all healthy life style choices. All of the elite gods of the fitness world tend to have the same strategies for building massive muscle fast and obviously it is working for them. The three key factors for building muscle are proper workout routines, nutrition, and sleep. 


Sculpted muscles don't come with a snap of your fingers each member of fitness royalty has a vigorous workout regimen to keep them in the best shape possible. Goddess of the tennis court Serena Williams trains a minimum of six hours daily to maintain her champion physique. The legendary Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson starts his workout routine at four am with an invigorating morning run. And while most people don't have the time (or energy) to handle the extreme workout practices of the exalted fitness aristocracy they can still build a muscular frame with a few affective tips. Make sure to pace yourself don't rush into using heavier weights because you think it will bulk up faster. In fact rushing your body may cause muscle damage that will prevent you from being able to hit the gym for an extended period of time weakening your muscles. On top of pacing yourself you should shake up your workout routine often. Preforming different exercises instead of the same method over and over will strengthen more muscles and create a stronger base for a buff body. But classic push-ups and squats will do your body good too.


A good workout routine is nothing without a healthy diet to back it up. A nutrient rich diet is the way to go for a god like body, however many people mistake a good diet with a hefty diet. While Chris Hemsworth did eat like a god of Asgard to gain such mass, eating around 3,000 calories a day to bulk up he wasn't eating 3,000 calories in fries and chocolate. Chris had a diet of lean meats such as chicken and fish, lots of vegetables, brown rice, and whole dairy. A good rule to follow when trying to eat healthy is the 80/20 rule, 80% of what you eat should be very rich in protein and carbs and the other 20% has some lenience for food cravings. Many people fear carbs when they are trying to get in shape and focus too much on proteins but for a ripped exterior a combination of both are a must. Carbs are a main source of energy for your body, they will give you the energy to have an effective workout while proteins will repair your muscles afterward. 


Last but not least my favorite category that I never seem to get enough of, sleep. Sleep is needed by everyone regardless of their physical fitness, sleep is a body’s prime time to repair itself. Rest is important on all days of the week but it is even more important on days you work out. After an effective workout at the gym your body needs proper time to repair and grow muscle. During a workout the muscles in your body are being repeatedly torn when lifting heavy weights or doing vigorous workouts. Your body repairs these the tears in your muscle by synthesizing proteins in your body and using them to reconnect the tissue strengthening your muscles. However this process of repair can only be done during sleep and even with the best workout routines and a nutrition rich diet a body cannot grow stronger without proper sleep.


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