September 24, 2017

There has been a huge spike in excessive fitness apps being used in 2017. With the rise of technology I am not surprised that most people are using their phones for fitness purposes. But can an app really be good enough to get someone in shape? All fitness apps claim to add a significant increase to your workout experience. I decided to test some of the most popular fitness apps and see how they work. 


First I tested the Map my Fitness App where the functions were basically easy to follow. You can put in 600 different fitness activities that are not related to the map walking/running function (rock climbing, snowboarding, skydiving, etc.) You can also customize and save the routes that you enjoy and can also use the routes nearby that others have design. And you can connect to your music through the app while you exercise. This app is best used for cardio and isn't meant for other forms of exercise. The app is very easy to use and track progress well, however there is not much you can do with the app without buying the upgrade. But the standard free version works for it’s propose and gets the job done.


Next I tested the app Workouts which has over 1000 free workout was step-by-step audio and visual inspection. This app is better suited for someone who prefers to train with various exercises. There are a vast amount of work outs you choose from and the difficulty level can be adjusted. Adjusting difficulty does not change the work out but adds or subtracts the time needed to complete the workout. But if you preferred to have a more difficult workout that required more advanced movement there are literally hundreds of workouts to build stronger core, better butt, great abs, anyone who uses workouts should be able to find something that suits there taste. If you can't find something that you like you can customize their own workout to fit your needs. While the amount of workouts to choose from is amazing the quality of the visuals are lacking. The video quality consists of choppy movements that for the most part were fine but on a select few workouts were difficult to follow. The robotic voice that goes with the videos personally annoys the hell out of me, but that was easily fixed by turning off the sound. This app also connects to your music while you work out but the robotic voice overlaps the music making it all the more annoying to me, and as far as I can see there is no way to turn off the voice by itself. Overall Workouts is a well-developed app with useful functions that don't require an upgrade. 


Last but certainly not least we have the Nike+Training Club app. Let me start off by saying that Nike being a billion dollar company has a steep advantage when it comes to resources and content quality over any other fitness app out there and it shows. There are hundreds of workouts to choose from, not as many as the "workouts" app, but there is still a great verity. You can choose to focus on strength, endurance, or mobility then you pick from beginner, intermediate, or advanced workouts that may require no workout equipment, basic equipment, or full gym equipment. Each workout ranges from 6 minutes being the shortest to 45 minutes being longest. Once you select the work out you can choose to start the video or you can scroll down and see the various exercises you will be performing before you start. Just like the Workouts app you can play music behind your workouts but unlike the Workouts app you are able turn off the instructional audio to the workout. Personally I love the video quality of the Nike app because they are actual videos of people demonstrating the exercise. Over all the Nike app was great with clear options and super easy to use. 


Of course there are plenty more great fitness apps that are available, but after an extensive amount of research these seem to be the most for the price (free). Each app has a great amount of usefulness functions to help get anyone into shape. The Map My Fitness app is best used for people who prefer cardio workouts and is easy to use. Workouts app is great for people who appreciate large varieties of workouts and enjoy making customized workouts. And the Nike+Trainers Club app’s best functions are the great video quality and customized sound settings, along with its professional feel. All in all any of these apps would be great to use achieve a greater fitness statues. 


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