October 04, 2017

Society puts an enormous amount of pressure on people to look "perfect" and fit into an idealized version of beauty. Everyone seems to be dipping their toes into the cosmetic surgery uprising that is taking over the world. No one is immune  to the judgmental eyes of the viewing public, not even the people who are idealized for their bodies. Over 7 million cosmetic surgeries are performed every year in the United States alone. I learned quite recently that not even body builders are completely satisfied with their bodies and will go under the knife in the pursuit of perfection. Plastic surgery procedures specifically designed to achieve the ideal body shape. There are many ways to gain a more desirable body through cosmetic surgery, such as liposuction, fat graphing, and implants. 


Liposuction(Lipo)  is one of the most common cosmetic procedures preformed across the world. Many people hold fat storage in specific places on there bodies, the most common is stomach and thighs. Loosing fat in these areas can prove to be a challenge, consequently people of all ages and genders get Lipo  to get rid o stubborn fat. Some body builders get this procedure to help give their abs a more define sculpted look. This procedure overall tends to not have very many complications and works well in achieving a more muscular look. 


Fat graphing is similar to liposuction section but instead of discarding the fat the fat will be transferred to another part of the body, most commonly the breast or butt. This approach is a little more rare for bodybuilders to use but it's not unheard of. Usually small amounts of fat are placed in areas that don't appear to build as much mass as the rest of their body. However this  method is considered controversial because it is a newer procedure that hasn't had as much testing as other surgeries. This method is completely safe however many doctors claim that around 50% of the fat transferred will be lost from the area within the first year. Everyone is different and will have varying results, and some claim that it works wonders for them. 


The most popular in cosmetic surgery are implants, the most common forms are silicone or saline. Breast augmentation is by far the most common implant surgery, however more recently there have been a series of implants designed to give the look of large defined muscles. The available implants are for pectoral muscles, calfs, biceps, abs, gluts and shoulders, there are a few other options but they are more obscure and aren't as commonly requested. With the implant surgery the results are immediate and depending on the quality of the implant they can look very realistic and "natural". Ab implants however are known to look unrealistic and tend to move out of place and shift throughout time hinging the area a morphed look. Implants area great way to fill out areas that lack the desired look. However the results are not permanent, the implants need to be replaced every 10 to 20 years because of the potential for the implant to rip or leak after being in the body for an extended period of time. 


These options for cosmetic alterations are not only for body builders or woman. There are many people who receive these services to help with there self esteem. All of these procedures are relatively safe and effective. There is no set price for any on these options, the price fluctuates dramatically based on where in the world the surgery is being preformed. Although there are some places that offer these procedures for cheaper than most they aren't recommended unless you want to end up on Botched. With that said more expensive isn't always the best option either. A fare amount of research should be done before getting any cosmetic procedures specifically focusing on the credentials of the doctor who will be preforming the service. Any alteration to the body can end in disaster with untrained hands.


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