October 02, 2017

Steroids are a synthetic form of the male hormone testosterone. Steroids have been around since the early 1930's to help men who could not naturally produce or make enough testosterone. Later steroids were  used in WWII to treat malnourished soldiers gain mass and enhance their performance on the battle field. Today steroids are used by medical professionals for similar needs as its original purpose. There are also some steroids that are used to help speed up the healing process of severe injuries. Despite the medical benefits of steroids the most commonly known use for steroids in the states is to improve the preference of athletes (this is mostly considered illegal or not allowed in most professional sports). Also some bodybuilders use steroids to improve muscle growth at exponential rates. 


Despite popular belief steroids are an addictive drug, the higher amount of the drug the higher the higher the chance of addiction. If someone were to take steroids in small monitored amounts the addiction won't be high and when the person stops taking steroids the withdrawal symptoms would have a minor effect. Steroids in small amounts can cause acne, mood swings, decreases sperm count, and low sex drive. In some cases people will experience heart problems, kidney failure, and liver trauma however these cases are not very common  with very light use of steroids. 


High use of steroids effect the body in a very dramatic way. For woman taking steroids for long term small or large amounts will start to grow more hair on their face, chest, arms, etc. and their voice will begin to drop and woman will also loose fertility. Men will have the opposite effect to the drug.men who take steroids in long term will find that their  testicles will begin to shrink and they will begin to develop breasts similar to a woman's. The reason men and woman experience these symptoms is because steroids cause a major shift in hormones. Steroids are a synthetic form of the male hormone testosterone, and when a woman's body is introduced to steroids their body begins to take on a more manly form because there is now more testosterone than estrogen their body.  While in men steroids tend to convert fat cells into estrogen, the rise in estrogen gives men woman like breast tissue. A huge misconception thought by the men taking steroids is that their newly developed breasts will dissipate after they stop taking the drug, this is false. There is no natural way to get rid of the breast tissue once it has formed, the only solution is surgery. Over all majority of the side effects of steroid use in both sexes are prominent. 


Even if someone tries to stop using steroids there will still be long term damage. Most long term steroid users will have permanent damage to their genitalia, have sever depression, kidney failure, liver and heart competitions. The withdrawal symptoms someone experienced when they stop the drug usually includes weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, and low blood pressure. The use of steroids should not be stopped suddenly it can make the withdrawal symptoms worse. Steroids are a drug that if used inappropriately will result in permanent damage to the user. 


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