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  • Since February 01, 2015 we've been designing and creating the perfect garment silhouette for everyone to enjoy around the world. If you train 2-4x a week, your physique is distinctive and you deserve an apparel line that meets that need. Our garments can be used for any lifestyle. We are the leader in fashion-forward training wear and athleisure.

    Being based out of Los Angeles, California, we are deep in the heart of Health & Fitness culture and if you LOVE this lifestyle, this service is the smart fit for you. We predict that in the near future everything you love to purchase every month will be automated.

    So why should shopping for your favorite brand be any different? If anything... we should help make the experience easier and seamless for you so you can save money and time.

    We developed BUILT Ultimate Training Club to build a platform that will make your life that much easier. We have customers that shop with us 2-3x a month because our releases keep their wardrobe fresh and on trend. Now, those new styles can be delivered to your door with one fixed price. We know...FINALLY! Right? Click the next tab for details about the box.



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